Friday, March 13, 2009

Thanks Guys .. We done a Good Job ..

So fast odi term end of term 4, now almost finish week 9 odi .. after that week 11, we have a final term assessment .. Good Luck Guys.. Then, we need go for our 2nd tranning again .. Haiz .. some of us got hotel comfort odi.. But me, still dun have .. dis time I feel like nothings like tat .. Haiz.. Dun knoe wat happen 2 TCHT, ITS department ... doing things like F***ing ppl so slow de .. Jz forget about it . Wrote this blog is not wrote them la .. Is wrote my all classmate n my frens .. At here, i need say sorry wif u guy .. Dis few weeks, I a bit emo .. n exspeacially SIM, sorry.. tat i not seganja scold u at Restaurant (Be4 start service) ... Anyway reali 1000 sorry 2 u guy .. Let me show some pic 2 u guys ... during our service ..

p/s : Thx a lot ya .. Frens .. We really done a Good Job ... Bravo ... :) Keep it ya ..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thx frens .. Accompany me when I sad ..

Thanks alot Alvin.. Accompany me when I really sad .. Ever we know each other only 4 days .. You use your off days to accompany me singing at Amp Square .. ^^ Really so high lo 有没有. haha.. Ya .. We going clubbing at KL, got 3 aunty want "eat" us.. They feel like so "hungry". Like long time dun have come out find food 4 eating odi .. OMG .. What the F**K ma ... Hungry ha? find another person la, you think you wat ooo? Sorry lo .. We not minat lo .. Tolong la .. Haha ^^ .. Really fun la go out wif u lo .. Actually we know each other jz 4 days only, but like we odi know each other well like 10 years odi .. haha ^^ 有没有。。。。

So High Frens ... Haha ... 有没有

p/s: Thx a lot frens .. I will try my best to wake up .. I know is time to wake up n not thinking ..., i try it ya ..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some songs really make me miss you alot ..


就像梁静茹的“无条件为你”,当她唱到 “无条件为你 不顾明天的安稳 为你变坚强 相信你的眼神 不敢想 不敢问 有一天坏的可能 无条件为你 放弃单独的旅程 为你坚强 就不怕牺牲 我的灵魂 如此沸腾 为我爱的人”.. 我的真的不想老是想。真的很心痛。

还有,“今晚你想念的人是不是我”, 每天晚上,我都会想着你是不是今晚你想念的人是不是我。今晚你想念的人是不是我 想要爱到最后的最后想要和你再牵一次手,除非我背叛我的灵魂 除非我可以假装快乐除非你忍心放我一个人 难过。

然而,林峰的“爱不够”会然我想起, 当初我们是不是应该当朋友而已而不是情人。这种感觉太亲厚 讲一千句也不够,假使讲了你听到後 或会走,这种恋爱太罕有 不须真正拥有 成全 衷心祝福然後 就放手,放手 放开所有 彼此更自由 放手 其实我绝非爱得不够,放手 豁出所有 还有这个好友 已经 已经足够。

p/s: I really really miss you so much .. but you say, if i keep like that, ever backup also can't be. I think I will keep be backup ...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


那 一扇车门, 关出 我们的裂痕, 一声就震断了回头的路程,
爱 无法均分, 以後 就留给你们, 也许用伤害结束, 爱才更动人, 容忍的人其实并不笨, 只是宁可对自己残忍, 既然爱不能恒温, 祝福就给你下一个人,
你是好人 也是个坏人, 对我坦承 只为了朝他狂奔不能放任 所以放了这点痛我还能忍,
我是好人 也是个坏人, 分得够狠 你才有藉口转身 宁愿爱 一点不剩 也不忍 看恋人爱成路人, 容忍的人其实并不笨, 只是宁可对自己残忍, 既然爱不能恒温, 祝福就给你下一个人
你是好人 也是个坏人对我坦承 只为了朝他狂奔 不能放任 所以放了这点痛我还能忍
我是好人 也是个坏人 分得够狠 你才有藉口转身宁愿爱 一点不剩也不忍 看恋人爱成路人
那永恒 就等他带你完成
你是好人 也是个坏人对我坦承 只为了朝他狂奔
不能放任 所以放了这点痛我还能忍
我是好人 也是个坏人
分得够狠 你才有藉口转身宁愿爱 一点不剩
也不忍 看恋人爱成路人宁愿爱 一点不剩也不忍 看恋人爱成路人

p/s: 这首歌真的唱出我的心声。

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

today totally is not my day

I hate that .. Today, wheather was so cool, felt like don't want wake up, and go to college, but I can't do that coz todaygot stupid mid-term assessment .. French and Kithcen Operation .. Ma de .. what la .. People want have a nice dream and sleep, but got stupid assessment la .. What do to I ter-wake up lo .. ^^ benci aku .. But I went to college like just came back from Sunway Lagoon .. early morning already went to lagoon bath & just go 2 college exam ... Damn Wired la .. I hate that .. hate until felt want kill you .. 天不作美 .. haiz .. At class, my classmate was asked why you guy don't want take teksi came to college.. Hello please la .. I also know take teksi, the problem is NOT TEKSI at there ok .. pls la ..

Physics Question

There are 10 fishes in a tank. 1 died and was taken out. Did the water level increase or decreace?


Why ler?

Physics student think 1st la ..

Think 1st ba ..

Because the other 9 fishes sad, so cried lo .. Please la Common Sense Wa ... ^^

Hehe.. ^^ Paiseh ..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Assessment, Presentation, Assignment, Event ...

Ahhh.. Stupid.. Still have a lot things havent done yet la ... How? Term 4 want finish already?! help me stop the time pls... So Stress la .... Everyday going to college, my friends will starting asking me, yesterday got Study o not? I just answer, perduli apa.. but when i reached home, i started thinking should continue as like this, no need 2 study, just wait until final coming, just study.. Should i fail my paper?

I still have a lot of notes havent read ya... OMG.. still have Economics, Cost Accounting, Marketing, Malaysian Studies, French, Business English, Room Division, Food Science, Food & Beverage, Kitchen ... havent study yet la .. My Jesus .. pls stop the time ya ..

Alamak !!! still have a lot of stupid assignment .. as like Professional Activity, Marketing, Housekeeping, Front Office, Malaysian Studies, Food & Beverage and Food Science havent done yet la .. but "death line" is coming already .. owei...
KennyTheDisturbia wish you good luck for your final exam ....