Wednesday, February 25, 2009

today totally is not my day

I hate that .. Today, wheather was so cool, felt like don't want wake up, and go to college, but I can't do that coz todaygot stupid mid-term assessment .. French and Kithcen Operation .. Ma de .. what la .. People want have a nice dream and sleep, but got stupid assessment la .. What do to I ter-wake up lo .. ^^ benci aku .. But I went to college like just came back from Sunway Lagoon .. early morning already went to lagoon bath & just go 2 college exam ... Damn Wired la .. I hate that .. hate until felt want kill you .. 天不作美 .. haiz .. At class, my classmate was asked why you guy don't want take teksi came to college.. Hello please la .. I also know take teksi, the problem is NOT TEKSI at there ok .. pls la ..

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