Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thx frens .. Accompany me when I sad ..

Thanks alot Alvin.. Accompany me when I really sad .. Ever we know each other only 4 days .. You use your off days to accompany me singing at Amp Square .. ^^ Really so high lo 有没有. haha.. Ya .. We going clubbing at KL, got 3 aunty want "eat" us.. They feel like so "hungry". Like long time dun have come out find food 4 eating odi .. OMG .. What the F**K ma ... Hungry ha? find another person la, you think you wat ooo? Sorry lo .. We not minat lo .. Tolong la .. Haha ^^ .. Really fun la go out wif u lo .. Actually we know each other jz 4 days only, but like we odi know each other well like 10 years odi .. haha ^^ 有没有。。。。

So High Frens ... Haha ... 有没有

p/s: Thx a lot frens .. I will try my best to wake up .. I know is time to wake up n not thinking ..., i try it ya ..

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  1. 要忘记不开心的回忆,