Friday, March 13, 2009

Thanks Guys .. We done a Good Job ..

So fast odi term end of term 4, now almost finish week 9 odi .. after that week 11, we have a final term assessment .. Good Luck Guys.. Then, we need go for our 2nd tranning again .. Haiz .. some of us got hotel comfort odi.. But me, still dun have .. dis time I feel like nothings like tat .. Haiz.. Dun knoe wat happen 2 TCHT, ITS department ... doing things like F***ing ppl so slow de .. Jz forget about it . Wrote this blog is not wrote them la .. Is wrote my all classmate n my frens .. At here, i need say sorry wif u guy .. Dis few weeks, I a bit emo .. n exspeacially SIM, sorry.. tat i not seganja scold u at Restaurant (Be4 start service) ... Anyway reali 1000 sorry 2 u guy .. Let me show some pic 2 u guys ... during our service ..

p/s : Thx a lot ya .. Frens .. We really done a Good Job ... Bravo ... :) Keep it ya ..

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