Wednesday, February 25, 2009

today totally is not my day

I hate that .. Today, wheather was so cool, felt like don't want wake up, and go to college, but I can't do that coz todaygot stupid mid-term assessment .. French and Kithcen Operation .. Ma de .. what la .. People want have a nice dream and sleep, but got stupid assessment la .. What do to I ter-wake up lo .. ^^ benci aku .. But I went to college like just came back from Sunway Lagoon .. early morning already went to lagoon bath & just go 2 college exam ... Damn Wired la .. I hate that .. hate until felt want kill you .. 天不作美 .. haiz .. At class, my classmate was asked why you guy don't want take teksi came to college.. Hello please la .. I also know take teksi, the problem is NOT TEKSI at there ok .. pls la ..

Physics Question

There are 10 fishes in a tank. 1 died and was taken out. Did the water level increase or decreace?


Why ler?

Physics student think 1st la ..

Think 1st ba ..

Because the other 9 fishes sad, so cried lo .. Please la Common Sense Wa ... ^^

Hehe.. ^^ Paiseh ..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Assessment, Presentation, Assignment, Event ...

Ahhh.. Stupid.. Still have a lot things havent done yet la ... How? Term 4 want finish already?! help me stop the time pls... So Stress la .... Everyday going to college, my friends will starting asking me, yesterday got Study o not? I just answer, perduli apa.. but when i reached home, i started thinking should continue as like this, no need 2 study, just wait until final coming, just study.. Should i fail my paper?

I still have a lot of notes havent read ya... OMG.. still have Economics, Cost Accounting, Marketing, Malaysian Studies, French, Business English, Room Division, Food Science, Food & Beverage, Kitchen ... havent study yet la .. My Jesus .. pls stop the time ya ..

Alamak !!! still have a lot of stupid assignment .. as like Professional Activity, Marketing, Housekeeping, Front Office, Malaysian Studies, Food & Beverage and Food Science havent done yet la .. but "death line" is coming already .. owei...
KennyTheDisturbia wish you good luck for your final exam ....

College Friends, College Life ..

Introduce TCHT, DH 29, Group 6 to you guys ...

She's act like a big sister in our class. she takes good care of us and treat us like her own lil brother or lil sister. Being happy is an easy thg for her but she get homesick easily. People! She's no longer available. Her name is Adelyn Fong Wai Wah.
Wayne Leong Boon Chuin from Kluang, Johor. He is funny person and easily influenced by others. His laughing point is like damn low as no matter what v r talking abt, he will laugh like no one business.
She's from indonesia. She always speak language tht v dun understand. She's quite chubby but v love thm tho coz we like to take her as laughing stock :P.. She damn loves pink colour She is Fenny

Our group's lalazai. He damn skinny so we used to called him 'bai zap ji' aka white chicken. HAHAHA... Laugh my ass out. He is the 1st person i knew during the orientation day. He's from a muar and he is nice person indeed. Our lecturer like to call him jay chou as his name is Jay Soh Yong Sei. When i said' sa ni neh', he will answer me back ' neh you'

Her voice is like lin chiling. soft and peace. actually she quite nice.everytime I need notes, I will ask from her coz she got every notes that we dont have. She's from penang. She is the youngest among our coursemates. Her name is Nikki Cheah Yee Han.
Another person is Teo Ming Foong. He always cant get what v talk abt, but than he will act like he noe anythg and pretend that he is listening. In mandarin we called as "catch no ball". He quite suit with nikki but too bad nikki wont have any single feeling towards him.

once my friends, forever my friends

She is my best friend, we know each other since primary school, alomst 12 years already.
Her name is Ida Foo Hui Ming.

Every time when i saw her, Ida and I will keep asking her when she want break up with her 1 year old-boyfriend.:p
Her name is Audrey Low Yang Hong.

She is a happy-go-lucky girl. She got a boy friend, too bad she dint get what she really want from that guy.
Her name is Lynnte Lau Din Din.
He is so understanding as a so-called brother. I like to share my ups and downs with him
because he will help me once im in trouble.
His name is Sim Sui Yee.
^^ She is a realistic girl. food is her life. She cant live without sushi and her boy friend. Lucky her no matter how much she eat, she never gain weight. I always disturb her by calling her Feli Pua. =p Her name is Felicia Pua Wei Yee.

Without them, life no live. they are the reason that make me smile. They share my happiness taka away my pains with jokes. They never give up on me, that's what keep me going.
Hey dearest. You all had showed me what FRIENDS could be. Thanks for accepting who i am and appreciate what i had now from you guys.